Durability assured across our whole product range, comprising Portable FRP Security Cabin, FRP Single Seater Kayak Boat, FRP Portable Western Toilet, etc.
Fibre-reinforced plastic, or FRP, is a material that is used to make various types of durable products, and our company, Morya Enterprises, has been working since the year 2016 to meet their demands. Over the years, we have experienced great popularity as a manufacturer and supplier of the most long-lasting FRP products. FRP Single Seater Kayak Boat, FRP Guard Room Security Cabin, FRP Underground Septic Tank, Dome Shaped FRP Indian Toilet, FRP Portable Office Cabin, FRP Kayak Boat, and many more products are offered by us at the most genuine prices. We have a highly skilled team that processes our whole product range with a high level of accuracy. We also work as a service provider and provide installation services on all products.

Why Us?

We concentrate on standing out from the competition in order to build a solid reputation in the industry. We have always been able to reach out to the most potential customers and provide them with the best services thanks to our unique working techniques. Following are some of the elements that highlight our distinctiveness:

  • We only deliver products that comply with the highest quality standards.
  • We continue to price our product line reasonably, especially when compared to those of our market competitors.
  • We focus on building long-lasting working relationships with all our customers.
  • We keep updating our product range in line with the newest market trends.
  • We have the support of a highly skilled workforce to carry out every task professionally.

Our Infrastructure, Warehousing and Logistics

The infrastructure of a company, especially for those engaged in manufacturing operations, must be adequately developed for the procedures to be carried out correctly. Similarly, our infrastructure is remarkably designed, helping us efficiently complete all activities. The high-end machines & equipment equipped in our facilities are used to manufacture a vast product assortment, which includes FRP Guard Room Security Cabin, Dome Shaped FRP Indian Toilet, FRP Kayak Boat, FRP Single Seater Kayak Boat, FRP Underground Septic Tank, FRP Portable Office Cabin, etc. As a part of our infrastructure, we also have a spacious warehouse and a proper logistics system, with the help of which we can simply store the products and quickly distribute them to clients when needed.

Brands We Deal In

Morya, is the brand we deal in.
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